Youth Guidelines


· To help promote the physical and mental development of the young people of the club area

· To promote a sense of fair play and tolerance towards others in games and social activities

· To provide enjoyment and recreational opportunities for young people in a structured and non threatening environment

· To encourage a sense of sharing in and belonging to the club and community


1. The club will provide structured coaching and games for all youth members who enrol in the club and agree to abide by the rules of the club

2. Club activities are carried out on a voluntary basis by club workers, and youth members, their parents and other club members are encouraged to work together for the common good of the club and its membership

3. Youth members shall have the right to make representations on issues pertaining to their participation in club affairs, such representations to be made through the youth officer or other club official.

4. Complaints by youth members about any form of physical or psychological ill treatment or abuse should be made as soon as possible to the designated child protection officer or to the club chairman

5. Parents have the right to make representations or a formal complaint to the club committee about issues of ill treatment or abuse suffered by their children and to have such issues dealt with speedily and thoroughly.

6. The club will appoint annually a youth disciplinary committee, consisting of the chairman, secretary, youth officer and one club trustee, to hear and adjudicate on allegations of ill treatment or abuse towards a youth member. The youth member and his/her parent will have the opportunity to be heard as will those against whom the allegations are made.

7. Youth members and/or the parents of youth members have the right of confidentiality in the investigation of ill treatment or abuse allegations and they should contact the designated child protection officer in these cases.

8. Youth members are expected to abide by club regulations on discipline and behaviour and should treat other club members and club property with due care, consideration and respect.

9. In the event of allegations of misbehaviour against a youth member the club chairman shall contact the youth member and his/her parents regarding the allegations and seek an agreed solution based on the best interests of the youth member and the requirements of the club. In the event of a failure to reach an agreed solution the matter shall be passed to the youth disciplinary committee for further examination and decision.

10. The club committee has the right to impose sanctions for misbehaviour by youth as well as by adult members and such sanctions may include the temporary or permanent barring of individuals from club activities and/or premises.

Child Protection Policy

We, the Officers and Members of Eoghain Rua Ui Neill’s  C.L.G., Leac Phadraig, are committed to good practice which protects young Members from harm. Members, Coaches, Officials and voluntary helpers in the Eoghain Rua Ui Neill Club accept and recognise their responsibility under the Children (N.I.) Order to provide an environment which promotes the safety of young people at all times. In order to safeguard the young people in our care we will:

  1. Develop an awareness of the issues which may lead to young people being harmed
  1. Create an environment, by identifying a ‘contact person’ to whom young people can turn if they need to talk.
  1. Adopt child centred and inclusive coaching styles.
  1. Adopt Child Protection Guidelines through codes for players and all adults working in the Club.
  1. Ensure careful recruitment, selection and management procedures for all involved with young people.
  1. Ensure complaints and disciplinary procedures are included in our Constitution.
  1. Share information about concerns with young people and parents and others who need to know.
  1. Provide information about concerns with young people and parents and others who need to know.
  1. Be involved in training made available through various agencies, and strengthen links with these agencies.
  1. Follow G.A.A. Guidelines and Good Practice for Coaches.
  1. Keep the Child Protection Policy under regular review.

REFERENCES: The Children (N.I.) Order 1995

                           Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Childrens Sport in Ireland

                           I.F.A. Child Protection and Procedures

                           Our Duty to Care

                                                                             Use of Clubrooms

Limited Hours for Young Members

 The Club Committee is making every effort to make the Clubrooms as welcoming and accommodating as possible and we trust that the Community recognises our commitment to make them as user friendly as circumstances allow. There are limitations, however, on our ability to cater for all demands and licensing laws impose restrictions on membership and visitors. In recent months the issue of young people in the Clubrooms has been examined and policy guidelines agreed upon. It is recognised that the clubrooms provide an outlet for young people to meet but that has to be limited by the other demands and restrictions imposed on all Clubs.

Policy guidelines